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Heal a leaky gut 

Leaky gut affects the majority of the population.  It has been linked as a cause to all autoimmune diseases and when we talk about healing leaky gut and autoimmune.
Understanding what a leaky gut really is and what causes it is a key part to healing.

What is a leaky gut? 

If you only had 3 minutes to find out what leak gut is this is the explanation for you.  Otherwise, check out the whole story on leaky gut to understand how it happens.
Gut permeability or leaky gut means that food, waste, bacteria, and/or other particles are crossing through the mucosal barrier that protects the entirety of the digestive lining.  So, the thick bacterial band that is attached to the gut mucosa is damaged, porous and easily permeable.  With a leaky bowel the integrity of the gut wall and entire health are compromised as you have toxins going to your brain, joints, liver, lungs, nervous system etc.  Finally your body starts attacking these “invaders” that escape from the gut and you develop autoimmune conditions, joint issues, and food sensitivities.

The Whole Story on Leaky Gut Syndrome

Naturally, the gut lining is semi-permeable.  This means, that it allows certain substances to get out and this keeps what should be let out into the body tucked away in the intestinal walls. For example, vitamins, chemical compounds such as the neurotransmitter serotonin, and other particles that flow into the bloodstream.  However, these small junctions can be torn open by various factors.

What causes a leaky gut? 

– Poor diet
– Gut irritants
– abnormal gut flora & SIBO
It has been agreed that poor diet, and gut irritants such as stress, chemicals, food additives, etc. because they cause issues in the digestive system.  A lifetime on the Standard American Diet can get you in trouble with your immune and digestive system.  Poor diet does not simply refer to eating fried foods and sweets.  In addition to limiting the consumption of manufactured food items your body needs sufficient amounts of essential fatty acids and vitamins.  The truth is that most people don’t get enough nourishment from their diet, this is proven by the widespread vitamin D deficiency.

Gut irritants in leaky gut

Gut irritants include a long list of items.  For example, pastries, oils, additives, food flavorings, preservatives, soaps, and even cosmetic products.  Basically, whatever goes in or on the body also affects the gut.  For instance, whole wheat cereals, baked goods, granola bars, and muffins all seem like healthy choices for breakfast.  When in fact, most commercial brands of these products upset IBD symptoms.  In the same way, most pasteurized milk and dairy products worsen constipation in cases of colitis an increase diarrhea in Crohn’s.

How stress causes and worsens leaky gut

Stress, whether physical, emotional, or mental immediately affects the gut flora.
Stress is at the top of the list for causing health issues.  We know that all disease begins and ends in the gut.  Therefore, putting the body in a state of constant stress through poor diet, stressful lifestyle, etc.  only promotes a more permeable gut lining and worse symptoms.

Foods that cause leaky gut

Leaky Gut and autoimmune disease

Leaky gut is the cause of autoimmune disease.  Really, it does make sense when you think about leaky gut and ibd.