6 gift ideas for somebody with IBD

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6 gift ideas for somebody with IBD

6 gift ideas for somebody with IBD

If you came to this resource you probably know somebody with IBD that has a celebration coming up.
The last thing you want to do is give somebody you love a gift that they won’t like or worse will cause an IBD flare up.  You can use this as a guide for shopping for any occasion or special holiday.  We recommend these items for an easier time shopping and planning.  Gifts for somebody with IBD inflammatory bowel disease can be easy and thoughtful.

Gifts for people with Crohn’s and Colitis.

  1.  Homemade items
Gifts for somebody with Crohns or Colitis are a special chance to show you care.
Stay away from packaged foods and treats.  Unless you’ve carefully read the label or know for a fact this is an IBD certified safe food for the person you are shopping for, stay away.
Usually, Christmas gifts or birthday presents for someone with Crohn’s or Colitis are baskets of  chocolates and other treats.  The refined sugars, flours, and oils set off an alarm in the digestive tract.
Although, not all treats are made equally.  Consider making a basket of foods or treats.  You friend will enjoy eating a treat without the guilt and without the hassle of cooking all of their own foods.
IBD Certified foods:
⁃gummy bears*
⁃banana bread*

2. Books

A simple but useful gift.  Books about gut health, wellness, and motivation or self help are great gift options.  You can offer encouragement and support by giving somebody with Crohn’s or Colitis a book or guide for well being.
For example, Breaking the Vicious Cycle by Elaine Gotschall is a timeless book about gut health.  The SCD diet is outlined here and has been helping people since the the 1940s with the first doctor that passed it to Elaine.
In addition, books about wellness in general or motivation are a great gift idea for somebody with Crohn’s or colitis.

Our IBD Certified books include tons of information about dealing with IBD.

Free books for you to print, give, and share!


IBD Certified Shopping List for IBD.
 You can choose to download it yourself and use the items to make homemade foods for somebody with IBD.  This IBD Shopping List was created as a step by step guide that can help relieve IBD symptoms quickly.  Most people with Crohn’s or Colitis are malnourished and don’t have energy to cook healthy meals.  In fact, most avoid vegetables completely.  In this book you will find the essential vegetables for cooking easy healthy foods that follow an IBD diet.
The download link to the essential greens for people with IBD is here again:Essential Greens IBD Shopping Guide

Gift ideas for somebody with IBD

3. Journal

Still can’t decide on a book? Consider a journal.  It is really beneficial to journal feelings, meals, important events, etc.
Mostly, people with IBD use journals to keep track of their disease.  One way of using it is for tracking appointments.  Also, a journal is one of the best tools for logging trigger foods and symptoms.

4. Plant

 A plant is a great gift idea for somebody with IBD.  Also, it is a great gift idea for friend, boss, or coworker.  You can decide if you will give a plant that requires minimal care depending on the person that it is for.  For example, if you know they will most likely forget to water it you can give them a succulent instead of a flower.
Plants as gift ideas are one of the most appreciated items.  In fact, when people receive plants as gifts they will work harder on keeping them alive than they would if they had purchased it.  Potted plants have the chance to live longer and give more plants than cut flowers.

5. Clothing

A signature piece of clothing for a man, woman or child is always necessary.  One of the biggest reasons people with IBD hold back on going out to places is discomfort.  Comfortable clothes doesn’t always look good.  (Pjs for work or going out.)
Giving somebody with inflammatory bowel disease clothes as a gift seems simple.  However, a go to cardigan, shirt or out fit is something  everybody has regardless of a chronic  illness.
 Common items that are go to clothes for IBD patients
⁃pair of pants

Easy gifts for somebody with IBD – no matter the occasion:

6. Giftcards

Still unsure of what to do? Fortunately, you can let the person you are shopping for pick their own gift.

Maybe, you are certain they don’t want any of the above.  Even so you can avoid the guess work and make it easier on both of you.  Consider a gift card for somebody with IBD, Crohn’s or colitis.

Simply,  purchase a gift card to a favorite store.  You can also preload it as a visa to use anywhere. Certainly, this is one of the more simple and easy gifts for somebody with IBD.  You can accompany this with a thoughtful card to complete the gift.

Overall, the intention is the most important part of giving or receiving a gift.  However, good intentions do not always mean a good outcome.  Consider these options as gifts for a boss, friend, or coworker.  You can make them more intimate for family members by avoiding what you suspect they will not want.  Thank you for coming to IBD awareness for gift ideas that are IBD friendly.

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